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If we understand the structure of the text, then the question of the content of the work may cause some difficulties. Mandatory parameters that should be reflected in the work will be:

The total amount and structure of the text;

The total number of applications included in the work. These include tables, graphs, illustrations, as well as a list of sources used for research.

List of keywords. To make it clear to the reader what this is about, you can compare these keywords with tags for informational articles on the Internet.

The question of the relevance of the problem.

The general meaning of the study.

The object of study.

Ways to consider the object of study.

The final results of the study.

References to previous works, publications of the author of the thesis.

Registration of the title page

The title page is the face of the thesis. Its presence is mandatory for any kind of written work. We know this from the school curriculum when we had to write reports or abstracts. For the master thesis requirements for the design of the title page are radically different in their severity, but the principle remains the same. The following information should be mandatory on the title page:

The name of the institution or organization in which the work is performed.

The restricted neck is indicated if it is needed. It all depends on the discipline.

Thesis data (FULL NAME).

Full name of the work.

The name of the specialty. This also indicates its code. It is set by the educational institution in the general list of specialties.

Desired degree.

Data supervisor (name, academic degree).

The place where the dissertation was directly performed. Also indicates the year of work.

The title page is included in the total number of sheets of work. For example, if the numbering begins only with the introduction, then it indicates the corresponding page number, taking into account the title page and content. There are situations when the dissertation work consists of two or more parts. In this case, each part should have the structure of a full-fledged project, namely, have its own title page. On each of these sheets must be signed by the author of the work. It should be affixed only in black ink.

Making the content

The content includes all sections that are present in the work. Similarly, with the presence of the title page, if the work consists of several parts, then each of them should contain content. It is important to note that the first part of the thesis contains the content of all parts of the work, and in subsequent sections, only their content. It is possible that instead of the content of the subsequent parts in the first part, you can specify only their names.