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The issue of master’s thesis is a separate topic in a series of articles relating to the rules of writing written papers of a certain orientation. So that the future owner of the master’s degree doesn’t have any problems and difficulties with the question of general dissertation design, it is necessary to dwell on this nuance as much as possible.

So, separately it should be clarified that the question of the scope of work relates to the concept of design. For a master’s thesis volumes of approximately 60-70 pages are allowed. If the subject of the study is the most serious and extensive, then the volume can be increased to 100 pages. In the established standards there is no clearly defined scope for the master’s thesis. It all depends on the area under consideration. It is only known that the volume should not be less than 60 pages. At the same time, the applications included in the work are not taken into account in the total amount. For example, if the size of the application reaches 10-15 pages, then it is not equal to the general text. It is also worth clarifying that the dissertation is written in the state language.

Dissertation structure

Structurally, the thesis is divided into several parts. These include: content, title page, normative references, definitions, abbreviations, introduction, main part, conclusion, list of sources, applications.

In addition to these components, the undergraduate prepares the author’s abstract. It is necessary for distribution to members of the academic council. The fact is that not all board members can read the full text of the dissertation. Moreover, they need a brief description of the essence of the work, which, in essence, is the author’s abstract. Its volumes are equal to about 15 pages of briefly written information. This essay should prepare well in advance of the defense of the thesis. His undergraduate may send to council members via e-mail.